Electric Cabinet (MacPaw – IT company office)

Electric Cabinet for for MacPaw IT-company

Was assembled in full by Home Systems company, Ukraine, for MacPaw IT-company office

It took 45 hours to project and 90 hours to install the system.

Keeps connected: 242 light groups, 110 relay groups, 72 DMX groups and 60 DALI groups.

Climate control system: 18 celling fan coils, 12 floor fan coils and 17 heating radiators.

Climate control works automatically in “winter / summer” modes. It also interconnected with central ventilation system.

Electric cabinet Home Systems

Equipment brands: Loxone, Hager, HDL, E-Electron, implemented system KNX.

Integrated systems:
Lighting control
Alarm system
Fire alarm system
Access control system
Interphone system

Finally customer received fully automated office with installed modern intellectual systems. It reflects the MacPaw head office status and improves the comfort to employees as well as to visitors.

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Electric Cabinet (MacPaw - IT company office)

Electric Cabinet (MacPaw - IT company office)

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