Контроль за домом в ваших руках

The House Control is in Your Hands

The outdoor surveillance system will take care of you feeling comfortable and peaceful both inside and outside your house. The special application uploaded on your smartphone will help you to control the water temperature in your pool, automate lawn sprinkling given the weather conditions and regulate any other system located outside your house by pressing one button only.

Кто там?

Who Is There?

To see a visitor, control if the child is sleeping, invite the family to the dinner table as well as many other functions can be performed with the help of the video intercom. The beautiful inside and outside call boards will provide you with the opportunity to see the visitor and remotely open the entrance door if necessary.

Безопасный дом — залог спокойствия

The Secure House is the Cornerstone of Tranquility

Wherever you go, you will always have the chance to check what goes on in your house. You will always be notified about the illegal infiltration of your territory, gas or water leakage in the basement or your failure to lock the garage door while leaving to the office. The smart system will take care of you and your dear ones.

На страже порядка

Peace and Security Watch

Check the status of your house, focusing total control in your hands. Receive text messages on your mobile phone in case something goes wrong, e.g. there is a gas or water leakage in the basement or you forgot to lock the garage door. Every time you leave the house simply press “Outside” button to activate the security system, turn on the cameras and lock every door. With the help of “Home Presence Effect” button you can make yourself safe against illegal infiltration.

Защита дома в ваших руках

Your Home Protection is in Your Hands

Control your house everywhere and every time with the help of the closed circuit television (CCTV) or video control systems. You can browse on-line the security cameras on your smartphone display placing “command center” in your hands no matter where you are.

Дверные замки

Door Locks

The smart locks refer to the virtual keys to the house. You can assign the personal entrance code to your kids and receive notifications about the time when they return home. Moreover than not, you can provide your visitors with the temporary codes that will help them to enter the particular premise on a pre-scaduled day and at a defined time. Open the door remotely with the help of smartphone when your friend or service provide arrive.

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