Музыка, которая всегда с Вами

Music is Always on Your Mind

Fill your house with the sound of your favorite tracks that follow you whenever you go. Given access to the popular stream musical services, superior sound and control via smartphone, wall plate or multibrand remote control, enjoy the music every minute while staying at home!

Новый взгляд на видео мультирум

Reviewing Video Multiroom

Perfect sound, mind-breaking quality of video images and incredible filmland in any room of your house. Share your films from library, watch internet streams or satellite channels! You can run everything with the help of a single multibrand remote control or smartphone. And the last but not the least, we can install your audio and video gear into the wall or rackmount cabinet making it comfortable and invisible.

Домашний кинотеатр

Home Cinema

Build astonishing home cinema system that could not be inferior to the movie theater. Only one control panel button may turn your living room into the theater – automatically descend the screen, turn on the Blu-ray player of projector, activate the sound system and dim the light. You will immerse into the world of top-quality audio and video effects and enjoy your favorite programs and movies in full.

Комната для всей семьи

Your family room

To enhance your enjoyment and control everything from a single remote control is more than real. Watch TV, get access to your movies and video streams, start games and enjoy your favorite tracks from music library – with the help of a single application. Make control of your home entertainment hub more simple and comfortable.

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