Интуитивный контроль во всем доме

Intuitive Control Here, There and Everywhere

Make your home comfortable and friendly. Let it ensure top-notch energy efficiency and convenient integration between all home automation systems. When everything operates consistently your energy costs are significantly reduced. Moreover than not, you also contribute to the preservation of environment.

Датчики движения

Movement-Detecting Sensors

The movement-detecting sensors can help you to utilize the electric power at its best. Presence detectors can ensure the effective control over the lighting system and save up to 60 percent if its cost without reducing the house comfort.

Зеленые технологии - шаг навстречу будущему

Green Technologies – One More Step Towards Future

Green technologies refer to the cost-effectiveness, planet preservation and compliance with the international standards. We strive for high indicators of the energy efficiency and forget about our planet. We are deluded believing that the price of the technologies exceed the standards. One should not forget that the green technologies have the pay-back period in addition to the expiration date.

Светодиодное освещение

LED-Based Lighting

LED-based technologies are our future. It is worth mentioning that the LED bulb can operate within 6-11 year period and consume a small amount of electric power. It is a wonderful option to the common lighting system, because it combines both the beautiful illumination of your house and save your budget!

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