Потрясающие возможности освещения

Astonishing Light System

Smart Light will embrace your life with comfort, adding elegance in your interior and saving power consumption. By creating the presence effect it will stand on guard over your house when you are away. Given your mode of life the Smart Light will automatically regulate brightness to make your staying nothing but comfortable.

Новый взгляд на освещение

Reviewing the Light System

The centralized lighting will be ideal for all who launches the house construction or renovation, since it will help you to abandon the ugly switches all around your house. Replace them with beautiful and stylish control panels. By adjusted panel keys you are one click away from running the lighting, security alarm, climate, entertainment and other systems.

Вечерний уют

Evening Comfort

Smart light refers to multiple possibilities to accentuate both the interior and exterior of your house. Illuminate your backyard making it more comfortable and beautiful. You can benefit from creating your personal light scenarios and turn the light on and off with the sunrise and sunset.

Идеальный климат в доме

Perfect Climate in Your House

Create comfortable conditions at home by pressing the button on your iPhone, iPad or control panel. By implementation of the heating, ventilation and conditioning control systems into the Smart House you can effortlessly adjust the climate parameters in your premises that will meet your demands. Your house will envelope you with nice temperature and decent humidity regardless the year season.

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